How Covid-19 training helped families in the face of a Pandemic

The two young sponsored children that we were able to identify in this area were Alice Nosotua and Faith Timanoi. The main aim was to examine the growth since they joined the program, the impact of Covid learning program and how their families are fairing since they became part of our program.

Faith Timanoi is a young girl aged twelve years. She stays with her family at Long'oswa Centre. Her morning is quite different from what we experienced in Osiligi. Her morning routine entails finishing her homework, taking a shower, having breakfast and heading to school. She stays with her mother, father and her three siblings. Salome, Faith's mother, expresses the fears she had when the pandemic struck and schools had to be closed. Her children had to stay home and no learning was taking place. She could not be able to teach them as well as concentrate on her work to help the wholesome well-being of the family. Salome is employed by V.E.E and also makes soap for sale. When we rolled out the Covid learning program, Salome was very delighted and let her children attend the program. She says that her fears were reduced and she was happy that her children could now be able to continue learning. From the program, she has seen an improvement on her child. Faith has improved in her studies and her mom is pleased with her performance in her recent exam.

Alice Nosotua is seven years old. Her morning routine is also very simple and similar to that of Faith. Her mother, Mary Siolol, is very pleased and happy that her daughter is able to go to school. This is an opportunity that she wished she had while growing up. Alice's mother would love to see her child go beyond her level of education. Alice was also a beneficiary of the Covid Learning Program at Long'oswa. Her mother has noted improvements in that now she can be able to speak Kiswahili unlike before.  

“The child sponsorship program has also helped them since they can now benefit from Village Economic Empowerment: spiritually, economically and communally.”

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