How Education improvement is transforming Communities

Through the support of House of Prayers Ministry in Oberhausen Germany, we were able to build the pre-school. We constructed a classroom, provided desks and employed teachers in Osiligi pre-school. The community was super receptive and their contribution was land in which the classroom was built.

“Through the income that he earns, he is able to take care of his young family, parents and siblings.”

The children identified were Diana Ntuyoto and Sankei Ntuyoto. They are still in our program and have gained quite a lot so far. A morning in their life might seem weary to an outsider but to them it is normal. Each day means new hope and accelerated energy to break the chains. They are both being raised in a polygamous home. Fully dressed up in uniform, the first chore begins. Both of them have to milk the goats: it is part of making them responsible human beings. Years back, the chores would go on and on. Diana, as a responsible young girl, would go looking for water and fetching firewood. Sankei on the other hand, would take the cows and goats for grazing as well as look for water for them.

But our next now is taking breakfast and heading to school. Both of them are beneficiaries of Osiligi Pre-School. Their fears have now been resolved, they have been saved from fatigue and joining school late. Diana who is always happy and smiley, sees her future as one that has been drawn closer. She aspires to be a teacher just like her elder brother. Sankei who is calm and collected aspires to be a pilot when he grows up. They are now in Grade Two at Osiligi; their determination is to get their own bread and butter it.

The community too has not been left behind, through the preschool, Abel Ntuyoto, who is Sankei and Diana's elder brother has been employed in the pre-school. He is passionate about teaching and impacting knowledge to the younger generation in his community. Through the income that he earns, he is able to take care of his young family, parents and siblings. Mr. Mailogy, the new teacher, is also able to take care of his siblings and immediate family with the income he earns.

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