Support a Group

I.    Background/ What? (Support a group)
Both informal & formal self help groups are popular in villages. Most of them come together to enhance their capacities through safeguarding their social welfare, joint savings, sharing knowledge, ideas and skills. A lot of them including our 25 self help groups face various difficulties such as weak financial management, low returns on investment,inadequate training, instability and conflicts . This is why we seek to provide unique and long-lasting solutions to these problems in each of our communities’ self help groups.
II.    Why help/support a group?
Working in cohesion forms a greater way to achieving success and breaking barriers such as poverty. Our support group initiative aims to help each of our 25 self help groups in achieving their capabilities and being able to lead a life that they have reasons to value. Each donation to a group helps in boosting their primary activities, enhance their social capital and even promote diversification. Each $200 donated goes directly to a group to support a self help group to boost their income generating activity. Our groups mainly engage in commercial farming, beadwork and entrepreneurship.The donation also  helps in strengthening their capacity through training and improving their skills.
III.    How will people live better through support?
Supporting a group initiative gives exclusive updates to donors through narrative, photo and video updates of self help group progress.  This fosters close interactions and insights since sponsors can also visit on-going initiatives and even offer technical solutions.

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